Turn data from a liability into an asset

with Synthetic Data and Confidential Computing

LAUSANNE & ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND. CYSEC, an operating system provider leveraging Confidential Computing, and Syntheticus, a software provider for synthetic data, have announced a strategic global partnership to empower businesses to extract the maximum value of their sensitive data in a privacy preserving way.

These days, corporate data is growing in number and increasingly recognized as having business value. Cloud solution providers (CSPs) offer the most effective data analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, to extract value from data within organizations. However, organizations must comply with data protection and privacy regulations that limit access to these tools.

Now public and private organizations can benefit from powerful CSP analytic tools to extract the maximum data value without breaking the isolation between their data and the CSP thanks to the joint proposition of Cysec’s leading secure OS solution with Syntheticus privacy preserving synthetic data capabilities.

“Cysec and Syntheticus team up to offer a solution enabling the migration of more sensitive data and workloads into the cloud. Our solution provides protection of data in the cloud with respect to cloud administrators or users while it allows benefiting from the use of CSP data analytics tools”  says Mathieu Legré, VP Product at Cysec.

The combination of a trusted operating system and a multi-type synthetic data platform is beneficial across various industries, such as banking, insurance, healthcare and also retail. For years, businesses such as banks have strived to make the most of customer data to improve data-driven decision making for new revenue streams. Banking is an illustrative example but only one of many industries that have had challenging data analytics architectures in the past and who are now provided with an efficient and privacy preserving solution to tackle them.

Aldo Lamberti, CEO of Syntheticus, highlights the win-win solutions that this partnership makes possible now : “Our joint proposition is a game changer and represents a significant step forward in offering first-class confidential synthetic data solutions. Sensitive, unused but highly valuable information is turned from a liability into an asset for better and more intelligent business decision making. This results in a tremendous added value for organizations.”

The Cysec-Syntheticus strategic global partnership brings together deep skills in advanced Privacy-Enhancing Technologies marrying cutting-edge AI with state-of-the-art cryptography as well as profound know-how on product integration to help support clients through successful digital transformations.

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Go from costly on-prem IT infrastructures to elastic cloud solutions in a privacy preserving way
  • Exploit powerful data analytics tools such as Google Analytics for faster and more accurate results
  • Keep your sensitive data strictly confidential
  • Drastically reduce time to business value

About Cysec

CYSEC is a European data security company, based in Lausanne and Paris, providing a software solution in Confidential Computing, which enables companies to secure workloads on distributed infrastructures. The company provides a Trusted Execution Environment for containers and helps them to secure and deploy sensitive data on distributed architecture from Data center to the Cloud to the Edge.

CYSEC’s flagship solution, called «ARCA Trusted OS» is a hardened Linux-based operating system combined with a secure Kubernetes orchestrator providing a trusted runtime platform for containers. ARCA provides cryptographic functions, in order to protect keys, code and data, be it at rest, in transit and in use.


SYNTHETICUS’ flagship solution, called Syntheticus Hub, is a synthetic data platform which empowers customers to turn sensitive data from a liability into an asset by enabling them to share & monetize data and ML models in a privacy preserving way. Syntheticus Hub

leverages advanced privacy enhancing technologies such as Generative AI and Differential Privacy, orchestrates multi-type data, provides seamless integrations with existing systems and maintains strong enterprise-grade data protection. 

Founded in 2021, Syntheticus is a fast-growing company headquartered in Switzerland providing B2B software solutions. Trusted by Microsoft, Nvidia, ETH AI Center and IMD. Backed by the prestigious Hammerteam Growth Accelerator and Schaffhausen Institute of Technology.

Benefit from the ultimate secure runtime technology with ARCA Trusted OS