GEOSATIS and CYSEC announce technological partnership

LAUSANNE, Switzerland –February 2019– GEOSATIS SA and Cysec SA are proud to formally announce their strategic alliance. The partnership sets the foundation to enable the use of state-of-the art cryptographic technologies for the secure deployment and operations of IoT-based electronic monitoring solutions for the justice sector and beyond.

GEOSATIS offers the  most secure,  reliable  and innovative  electronic  monitoring solution for  enhanced public  safety  and successful  offender  rehabilitation -using Swiss  precision, quality  and  innovation. GEOSATIS  expertise  lies in  the  design and operations  of  highly secure  geo-localized  connected devices  and  systems. As  such, GEOSATIS  takes security  very  seriously, from  hardware  to firmware  and  software, including communication & authentication protocols and encryption.

This is  where  the partnership  with  CYSEC, a  company  whose expertise  in cryptography and hardware & software  security, represents a great opportunity for both companies to collaborate and raise the bar to set a new standard in terms of IoT security within a field as sensitive as the criminal justice sector.

CYSEC offers hardware and software platform solutions for storing and managing digital assets dynamically, with a design approach that consists in strongly binding its HW  system with  business-oriented  SW to  deliver  best in  class  security. CYSEC solution’s crypto-agility enables GEOSATIS to stay at the forefront of IoT security and key management to be able to securely perform firmware updates and provisioning in an untrusted environment.

GEOSATIS and CYSEC have a common ground being both Swiss innovative high-tech companies operating in the field of security and  having both offices and tight links with the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne. This strategic alliance creates a fantastic platform to further develop IoT security standards and bring them to the next level.


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