Bringing Trust to Fintech

Innovate with confidence, knowing data is safe and compliance ensured

As we move to a digital and online society, the use of fintech apps is exploding. Fintech enterprises are innovating new offerings for consumers, and financial institutions are partnering with them to accelerate digital asset management strategies.

Cloud adoption for financial sector is not plain sailing, however. Stringent regulations governing data protection need to be complied with, and guarantees that data in all its states – particularly in use – must be found.

CYSEC ARCA Trusted OS is a hardware-based confidential computing solution that secures your containerized workloads and delivers a high-level of trust in untrusted environments.

Swiss-made solution

That uses a private cloud (Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers), based in Switzerland

Secures all your applications

Running sensitive data (DLT, Blockchain)

Designed with a secure hardware base

Robust key management and encryption to secure data in all states

Comply with data protection regulations

On e.g. outsourcing, data key confidentiality, access requests


Access the benefit provided by cloud (AI, big data, ML) without extending trust to public cloud providers


Accessible, easy to deploy – no cybersecurity or cryptographic expertise required

Case studies


CYSEC LAB provided advanced penetration testing services for Altcoinomy to identify and close vulnerabilities in an ICO onboarding platform.

METACO, digital asset management, fintech

METACO deployed CYSEC ARCA trusted OS, to provide the secure hardware that would protect high-value client data on their SILO platform.