ClearSpace-1 mission: preliminary architecture design of ground segment components.

Find out how ClearSpace benefited from the CYSEC LAB security architecture assessment and design services.



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Ground station secure architecture assessment and design for ClearSpace-1 mission


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ClearSpace was founded out of the realization that On-Orbit Servicing and Space Debris Removal are vital services for the future of Space exploration and operations. In 2019, ClearSpace was selected by the European Space Agency to lead the first mission to remove debris from Orbit by 2025. ClearSpace has assembled a robust industrial team and is building up the path toward sustainable Space operations, starting with ClearSpace-1.


ClearSpace is currently designing, developing and procuring a proprietary ground system infrastructure to support ClearSpace-1 and prepare for follow-on missions. ClearSpace requires a secure-by-design approach which identifies risks and embeds resilience from the start. ClearSpace, like many space companies, works with third party providers for some of its building blocks. Multilateral partnerships and consortia bring advantages while losing control over the chain of trust can introduce security risks. ClearSpace needed consultancy from a company with space ecosystem security experience to conduct a risk assessment of the design and assess the various industrial proposals from a security and architectural perspective.


In a five-week period, CYSEC performed the following:


By providing a risk assessment and remediation measures, CYSEC is supporting ClearSpace towards its mission objective of safe active debris removal from space and prepare for a commercial service catalogue. Our work was efficient, enabling them to progress with the next stages of their project.