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Enterprises are accelerating their migration to digitalization and to adopting cloud-based services but remain reluctant to move sensitive and mission-critical data and workloads onto the cloud because of concerns that include.

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Securing the ever-evolving healthcare field – A CYSEC & Implicity Partnership
In the ever-evolving healthcare field, the ability to collect and anal...Read more >
i2CAT and CYSEC join forces to advance IoT security within COGNIFOG Project
i2CAT and CYSEC are thrilled to announce their collaboration within th...Read more >
Securing fleets of Container-based Edge Computing Devices
The deployment of a distributed system such as edge computing can be e...Read more >
Thuraya signs agreement with CYSEC
Thuraya Telecommunications Company (Thuraya), the mobile satellite ser...Read more >
CYSEC & TIESSE : Strategic partnership for satellite links security
CYSEC and Tiesse SpA have established a strategic industrial partnersh...Read more >
Performance benchmark made within the SYNAPSE project
The impact that the security provided by ARCA Trusted OS, CYSEC’s ha...Read more >
Qualification of the ARCA SATCOM solution
As part of studies conducted at CNES, CYSEC qualified its ARCA SATCOM ...Read more >
Securing Edge Devices: The Crucial Role of Root of Trust in a Connected World
In the rapidly evolving landscape of IoT (Internet of Things) and edge...Read more >
ARCAOS x86 compatibility with VM environments
CYSEC aims at offering the capacity to launch VMs running in Confident...Read more >
A snapshot of the collaborative SYNAPSE project between CYSEC and Look...Read more >
CYSEC design choices and security maintenance processes
Sovereign cloud is emerging as a preferred choice for many organizatio...Read more >
Unlocking the Potential of Remote Attestation: The Future of Trust and Security in a Connected World
The increasing prevalence of network-connected devices and the rise of...Read more >
Protect your sovereign cloud with CYSEC solutions
Sovereign cloud is emerging as a preferred choice for many organizatio...Read more >
A technical deep dive in the secure boot of ARCA Trusted OS for Raspberry Pi 4B
ARCA Trusted OS is an Operating System (OS) that can run on Raspberry ...Read more >
Within the PROGRAMME FOR USERBASE ENHANCEMENT (PUSH), ESA selected com...Read more >
Attested VM launch protocol : The result of CYSEC
CYSEC explored the attestation mechanisms offered by two different CPU...Read more >
ARCA SATLINK successfully tested in space
As part of a project for the European Space Agency - ESA our engineeri...Read more >
Linebreak and CYSEC join forces to securely unlock data in enterprise edge computing
enterprises need confidence when running their sensitive workloads in ...Read more >
ARCAOS x86 on mini-servers
CYSEC continues its edge computing strategy expansion by qualifying tw...Read more >
Mideye and CYSEC have decided to work together to deliver a simple and...Read more >
SixSq and CYSEC – A secure end to end edge computing solution
SixSq, an Ekinops company, and CYSEC are thrilled to announce their pa...Read more >
ARCAOS x86 compatibility on AWS
ARCA Trusted OS for x86 can now be deployed into AWS EC2 instances as ...Read more >
PostFinance and CYSEC
PostFinance, the fifth largest retail financial institution in Switzer...Read more >
Crosscon Project – Enhancing Security in Agricultural UAVs: The Power of Remote Attestation
One of the challenges faced by UAVs is their mobility and the potentia...Read more >
Leveraging ChatGPT at the edge on a Raspberry Pi protected by Arca Trusted OS
In this use-case, ARCA Trusted OS protects the data stored on the Rasp...Read more >
A Trusted Environment at the Edge to Run AI Applications
With the adoption of AI at the edge, companies will expand their busin...Read more >
CYSEC has been organizing CYSAT, the biggest European event entirely d...Read more >
Secure your Raspberry Pi for industrial grade usage with ARCA Trusted OS
CYSEC is pleased to announce its new born ARCA Trusted OS for ARM spec...Read more >
World’s first in-orbit cybersecurity demonstration at CYSAT
First offensive security demo on a flying satellite at CYSAT - In orde...Read more >
Trusted and Secure Stream Analytics for Industrial IoT
Crosser, creator of a market leading low-code platform for stream anal...Read more >
What are the NIST SP 800-190 countermeasures in ARCA Trusted OS?
In addition to these recommendations specific to the host OS, ARCA Tru...Read more >
SIGHUP is partnering with Cysec to provide a secure kubernetes-based c...Read more >
Cysec and Ingram Micro new partnership
Ingram Micro Italy, a global leader in Technology and Supply Chain Ser...Read more >
Cysec and Syntheticus team up
“Cysec and Syntheticus team up to offer a solution enabling the migr...Read more >
The drones industry is getting a lot of success in many verticals such...Read more >
CYSEC raises 2 million CHF with KARISTA’S Newspace Fund
CYSEC announces it has raised an additional €2m from Karista. The bu...Read more >
How Cysec helps you leverage confidential VMs in public clouds
Based on the Confidential Computing Consortium, Confidential Computing...Read more >
For automated, scalable, and secure edge computing environments
LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND. and STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN. Cysec, a software provid...Read more >
How to migrate your sensitive data to public clouds?
There is a clear trend to migrate data from organizations and companie...Read more >
Web3 and Secure Computing: Cysec case Study
Web3 refers to the next Internet generation, one that leverages public...Read more >
CYSEC featured on cybernews!
Cysec has been mentioned, by the experts of, as one of t...Read more >
Kata Containers: Cysec case Study
Cysec offers to run its orchestration platform with several runtimes s...Read more >
Spacebel and CYSEC team up on a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA)
The European Space Agency (ESA) awarded a contract to Spacebel (Prime ...Read more >
“Because of geopolitical and economical pressures, company data protection is essential”
A talk with the CEO and Co-Founder of CYSECRead more >
Announcing Nicolas Chaillan and Octave Klaba as keynote speakers at CYSAT
The full event agenda is liveRead more >
New Space Economy MOOC
An online course on the challenges of commercial space missions.Read more >
Kata Containers: the ultimate workloads isolation
Introducing Kata Containers supportRead more >
Cybersecurity for Enterprise Blockchain Solutions
Blueprint paper - Crypto ValleyRead more >
Cosimo Calcagno joins Board of Directors
New member of the Board of Directors and investor.Read more >
Securely embrace the public cloud
Innovate faster, with security built in every step of the way.Read more >
Embedded KMS for IoT applications : the SEGWAY project
Filling the security gaps in cloud-edge integration.Read more >
CYSEC raises 4 million CHF in seed extension round
A funding to further its growth in digital assets and edge computing.Read more >
Protecting data: glossary of an industry
Every industry has its own vocabulary and cybersecurity is no exceptio...Read more >
Why cybersecurity is too important to get lost in space
As the race to space takes flight, ARCA is ready for launch. Read more >
2021 in review
Wrapping up yet another special year, but with great achievements.Read more >
Hack CYSAT: Europe’s first satellite hack
Calling for ethical hackers to hack a flying satellite.Read more >
Protecting health data on public cloud with HOSTEUR & CYSEC
Improving the cryptographic key exchange protocol to ensure end-to-end...Read more >
What is confidential computing?
The new kid on the security blockRead more >
CYSEC wins European Space Agency contract to protect governmental data
Improving the cryptographic key exchange protocol to ensure end-to-end...Read more >
Differential power analysis on SIKE – part 1
An introduction to isogeny-based cryptography Read more >
CYSEC partners with D-Orbit
Fly end-to-end cybersecurity for commercial space missionsRead more >
CYSEC partners with armasuisse Cyber Defence Campus
Protecting the data broadcasted by satellite internet providers Read more >
Triton Malware Attack
Attack targeting Industrial Control System (ICS) Read more >
CYSEC introduces CYSEC LAB
A security evaluation lab Read more >
CYSEC SA introduces CYSEC ARCA Trusted OS
Secure Sensitive Data and Open the Door to CollaborationRead more >
Eureka program support granted for DiCoQuaNet project
A Distributed Computing over a Quantum-Secure NetworkRead more >
Happy Three-Year Anniversary to CYSEC!
Celebrating three amazing years Read more >
CYSEC joins the GAIA-X Space initiative
The next generation of Europe’s data infrastructureRead more >
Researchers and satellite start-ups meet
Discussing celestial cybersecurityRead more >
Il est trop facile de pirater un satellite et ça menace Internet
Cybersecurity in space and its importanceRead more >
La cybersécurité aussi dans lʹespace
Patrick Trinkler talking about the importance of cybersecurityRead more >
CYSAT’21 – kicking-off March 17TH
Cybersecurity for commercial spaceRead more >
Security for Commercial Space: CYSAT’21 Pioneers Cyber Security Solutions
CYSAT’21 Pioneers Cyber Security SolutionsRead more >
CYSEC's journey to a secure operating systemRead more >
CYSEC listed in the CV VC Top 50 report
Listed for the second time in a rowRead more >
Cybersecurity for smallsats
Five security concepts for smallsat operators to followRead more >
The European Champions Alliance partners up with CYSEC & AP-Swiss
CYSAT'21: event dedicated to cyber risks in SpaceRead more >
Patrick Nicolet Joins Board of Directors
Former Capgemini CTO, a new strategic entry Read more >
CYSEC wins Swiss Space Office contract
For a secure in-orbit satellite reconfigurationRead more >
CYSEC and AP-Swiss organize CYSAT’21
The first European event on cybersecurity in spaceRead more >
Run Your Applications On Secure Enclaves
CYSEC partners with Kyos and joins a recognised networkRead more >
Let’s not make Newspace a paradise for hackers
Cyber threats in space and their consequencesRead more >
CYSEC selected for Tech4Trust acceleration program
Most innovative startups of the Lake Geneva regionRead more >
Pryv and CYSEC launch an integrated solution
The personal data & consent management secured middlewareRead more >
Startup day at SwissTech Convention CenterRead more >
CYSEC listed in the CV VC Top 50 report
Top 50 organizations in the Blockchain Technology sectorRead more >
SwissPKI Now Available On CYSEC ARCA
LibC Technologies and CYSEC launch a secured SwissPKI Read more >
CYSEC voted Best Security Startup
Ranking #62 in TOP100 Swiss Startup Award 2020Read more >
CYSEC partners up with Leaf Space
Offering end-to-end protection for satellitesRead more >
Confidential Edge Computing For IoT Security
Discover confidential edge computingRead more >
CYSEC SA raises 500’000 Swiss francs from FIT
CYSEC rewarded for its cybersecurity innovative solutionRead more >
CYSEC SA welcomes Howard Yu to its Advisory Board
Director of IMD’s Advanced Management Program Read more >
The Things Industries partners with CYSEC
For a secure on-premises LoRaWAN network deploymentRead more >
CYSEC wins European Space Agency contract
Protect ship tracking communications from cyber threatsRead more >
Next generation security platform
Safeguard critical applications and sensitive digital assetsRead more >
CYSEC joins the LoRa Alliance
Foster cybersecurity adoption in IoTRead more >
CYSEC SA welcomes Pascal Junod to its Advisory Board
Expert in applied cryptography and software protectionRead more >
Cloud Constellation Corporation partners with CYSEC
To deliver enterprise-ready Global Private Cloud ServicesRead more >
CYSEC partners with Build38
Facilitate secure deployment of Mobile App and Fraud ProtectionRead more >
CYSEC secures the smart heaters of Lancey Energy Storage
Protecting IoT ecosystems with CYSEC ARCARead more >
CYSEC to secure Astrocast global IoT network
End-to-end security of IoT Communication of 80 nanosatellitesRead more >
Innovation in cybersecurity of the yearRead more >
Global Challenge Winner 2019
Winner of the ITU Innovations challengesRead more >
Insight SiP and CYSEC SA awarded Eurostars grant
Secure communications solution for medical IoT devicesRead more >
Singapore festival
Swiss fintechs to showcase innovative solutionsRead more >
CYSEC at Deftech, November 2019
Discussing the Swiss ecosystem for defense innovationRead more >
Come and meet us in October at Forum EPFL
Start Up DayRead more >
CYSEC selected by IMD in startup competition
IMD offers support to promising Swiss startups Read more >
New Solution For Secure Digital Asset Management
Swiss-made crypto asset management ecosystemRead more >
CYSEC selected to take part in ESA’s Business Incubation Programme
Program dedicated to startups innovating in spaceRead more >
REGDATA SA & CYSEC SA announce strategic alliance
Setting secure foundation and use of applicationsRead more >
Sysmosoft SA & CYSEC SA announce strategic alliance
Setting secure foundations of cryptographic technologiesRead more >
GEOSATIS and CYSEC announce technological partnership
For secure deployment and operation of IoT solution Read more >
CYSEC raises 1.5 million Swiss francs
To accelerate the deployment of innovative data security solutionsRead more >
CYSEC receives a FIT seed loan of CHF 100’000
To finalise product development and perform market validationRead more >
Swiss Fintech startups in NY
CYSEC selected to showcase ARCA in Venture Leaders roadshowRead more >