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LAUSANNE, Switzerland, June 15th, 2021 – CYSEC SA, data security company, introduces CYSEC LAB, a security evaluation lab performing research of front-edge technologies. The team, made of embedded engineers, security researchers and cryptographers, has the complementary skills that allows CYSEC to design and develop home made security test environments with high performance.

“CYSEC LAB provides global visibility into clients’ threats and their impact, as well as information on potential vulnerabilities in products” states Alexandre Karlov, CTO at CYSEC. “At CYSEC LAB we identify weak spots and attack vectors in hardware and software, and help customers build a resilient and secure computing environment.“

CYSEC LAB responsibilities:

  • Testing: internal activity with the purpose of testing CYSEC ARCA solution, checking the implementation, development and functional quality of our solution. Additionally, to the quality assurance, this activity will assist in obtaining product certifications.
  • Research services: always researching existing and upcoming vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks, developing countermeasures and ensuring our solution CYSEC ARCA stays resilient. This activity assists in obtaining certifications, testing the hardware and software to meet security requirements.
  • Security assessments: providing assessments on client infrastructures or solutions, including threat modeling and security architecture assessments. The assessments are performed using standard-based threat characterization methodology within a dedicated environment. This activity aims at discovering vulnerabilities in your software or hardware that are potential vectors for exploitation.
  • Security architecture design: based on the threat model and risk trade-off, CYSEC LAB will design a strong security architecture that provides proactive defense against threats.

The engagement

Clients can engage with CYSEC LAB in two ways: first through security assessments, that includes analysis of existing architecture and threat modeling services. Then based on the client’s threat model and risk trade off, the lab will propose an improvement of security architecture design.



CYSEC SA is a data security company with headquarters at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, Switzerland. CYSEC brings 360° security in one click for container-based workloads and platforms through its ARCA trusted OS, protecting data in use. CYSEC partners with leading cybersecurity research centers to develop technological innovations in the area of Confidential Computing and delivers its cybersecurity solutions for any vertical sector.

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Patrick Trinkler

Co-Founder and CEO, CYSEC SA

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