Partner up for automated, scalable, and secure edge computing environments

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND. and STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN. Cysec, a software provider for confidential computing, and Avassa, an edge application orchestration platform provider, enter a partnership to offer automated, scalable, and secure solutions for edge computing environments.

For many enterprises today, it’s no longer a matter of cloud or edge — it’s a matter of both. And with a hybrid infrastructure, businesses need to apply tooling to stay innovative and efficient in both centralized and distributed environments. Cysec, a software provider for confidential computing, and Avassa, an edge application orchestration platform provider, now enter a partnership to provide a secure, efficient and robust solution for managing edge applications.  

Enterprises are rapidly moving away from legacy edge computing toward treating their distributed locations as an extension of their cloud capabilities. Protecting applications and data in edge environments with limited or no perimeter security is rapidly becoming top-of-mind for decision makers across several verticals. The combination of deep hardware and OS-layer security capabilities provided by Cysec, and the application-centric management and orchestration provided by Avassa gives application teams the same level of automation and infrastructure security they know from central clouds, but at the edge. says Carl Moberg, CTO at Avassa.

The combination of a trusted operating system and an edge application orchestration platform is beneficial across various industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, hospitality, and also retail. For years, enterprises such as retailers have strived to make the most of customer data to personalize customers and generate more sales. Retail is an illustrative example but only one of many verticals that have had challenging distributed architectures in the past and who are now provided with an efficient and secure solution for managing them. 

“In the retail industry, a massive amount of data must be “in use” such as payment transactions and it is crucial for it to be protected while it is being processed. Arca Trusted OS is a really good fit for this security case-study as it brings hardware and OS hardened security layers into the process where it occurs, i.e. in the shops. Its combination with the agility of Avassa’s container deployment platform from cloud to edge offer a perfect match to run mission critical operations in multiple geographies.” says Luca Gabella, VP Sales Edge Computing of Cysec.

Cysec offers a leading secure operative system solution that can run in both central clouds, on bare metal, and on edge-native infrastructure. Combining Cysec with Avassa’s edge applications orchestration platform, users can now manage their edge applications running on Cysec’s Arca trusted OS, with the same flexibility, speed, and observability capabilities as they do in public cloud environments. 

About Avassa

Just because applications run at the edge does not mean your company needs a new operations stack. Avassa empowers companies to bridge the gap between modern containerized applications development and operations, and distributed edge infrastructure. With their application orchestration platform for the edge, Avassa enables businesses to manage the lifecycle of edge applications efficiently, securely, and at the speed of software. Founded in 2020 and based in Stockholm, Sweden, Avassa aims to unlock the cloud operating model for edge applications everywhere and was named a Gartner® Cool Vendor in Edge Computing 2022. Learn more and request a free trial at

About Cysec

CYSEC is a European data security company providing a software solution in Confidential Computing, which enables companies to secure workloads on distributed infrastructures (from the core to the cloud and to the edge). 

CYSEC’s flagship solution, called «ARCA Trusted OS» is a hardened Linux-based operating system combined with a secure Kubernetes orchestrator providing a trusted runtime platform for containers. ARCA provides cryptographic functions, in order to protect keys, code and data, be it at rest, in transit and in use.

Benefit from the ultimate secure runtime technology with ARCA Trusted OS