Secure your sensitive data in the cloud and in the edge with CYSEC ARCA Trusted OS and open the door to innovation

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Data-in-use is the point of least resistance for an attacker. If you deal with highly valuable data, this becomes a key barrier to cloud adoption. Only when the security gap is closed, and you are sure your data is protected throughout its lifecycle, can you benefit from everything that the cloud has to offer and start innovating new business models.

What They Said

CYSEC is a leading European data security company, based at the EPFL Innovation Park in Switzerland. Our vision is to remove the cybersecurity barriers to adopting cloud for enterprises who work with high-value data and enable them to accelerate business innovation. Our cybersecurity experts address your challenge to protect data and code in use with a unique full-stack solution: CYSEC ARCA Trusted Operating System.

Business Value

Rapid Go-to-Market

Rapid deployment – 3 weeks for on-premise, 3 days for cloud – accelerating your go-to-market

Ensured Data Confidentiality AND Integrity

Ensuring the security of sensitive data in transit, in use, and at rest for critical applications and data

Augmented Innovation

Open up the possibility of using public cloud services to collaborate securely with your high value data

Simplified Compliance

Achieve compliance with key management and encryption

Immediate return on investment

Inexpensive, rapid to deploy, and easy to integrate and maintain

Weakest Link protected

Access to data-in-use is blocked from unauthorized third-party

Who needs CYSEC ARCA

CYSEC ARCA protects your highly sensitive data, code, and intellectual property. It addresses barriers to cloud adoption, such as regulatory compliance, trust in public cloud and the need to limit visibility and access to sensitive data. It encrypts data throughout its lifecycle, and ensures trust – whatever the environment.

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