Recap on Cysec progress on Confidential Computing-based solutions in 2023

CYSEC aims at offering the capacity to launch VMs running in confidential computing context on any clouds public or private. Let’s have a look at Cysec 2023 main achievements that support this objective!

Achievement 1: ARCA Trusted OS can be deployed on AWS.

We announced during 2023 that ARCA Trusted OS can be deployed on the cloud AWS. With the kick-off of the year, ARCA Trusted OS is now compatible with the AWS virtual machines running with the SEV-SNP feature. This new compatibility comes with the protection of data at-rest isolated from the cloud provider as explained in this preview blog. The next step for CYSEC is to provide end-users the ability to attest their confidential VMs on AWS. 


Achievement 2: ARCA Trusted OS can be deployed on VMware ESXi/vSphere. CYSEC sees a growing interest in private clouds running in confidential computing contexts. This is why we started working on the compatibility of ARCA Trusted OS with VMware hypervisor in 2023. Presently, all security measures offered by ARCA Trusted OS are active on VMware hypervisor apart from the ones related to AMD SEV-SNP feature. The next step for CYSEC is to make ARCA Trusted OS run in confidential VMs deployed on VMware.


Achievement 3: CYSEC implemented a POC of its protocol of attestation of confidential VMs. This protocol exploits the attestation reports provided by the AMD SEV-SNP feature to attest that a VM with ARCA Trusted OS as guest OS is launched in a Confidential Computing context and with the authorized pieces of code. This POC has been implemented on the hypervisor QEMU/KVM. An explanation of our attestation VM launch protocol can be found in a dedicated blog. The next step for CYSEC is to enlarge the functionalities of our present POC and to improve the user experience.


In 2024, CYSEC will continue to enlarge its portfolio of confidential computing-based solutions dedicated to the isolation of VMs with respect to the hypervisor. This evolution will impact CYSEC offering for both the private clouds and the public clouds.


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