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Securing the Next Frontier

Get end-to-end security from ground to space to protect your assets and data

The growth of the (new)space economy and the value in terms of physical assets (satellites) and digital assets is increasingly attracting cyber criminals. 

According to Euroconsult, 15’000 satellites will be launched in the 2020 decade, more than ten times than the previous decades. Most of these satellites are small and in low Earth orbit with the purpose to provide data for business purposes.

Downstream, the satellite data services market was valued at USD 5.9 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 16.7 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 23.0% from 2021 to 2026.

CYSEC is positioned as a leader in Europe to protect (new)space assets and data via off-the-shelf products on ground and on board.

Enabling trusted edge computing in space with ARCA Trusted OS

CYSEC is building a vision to foster the adoption of modern DevSecOps tools inspired by
edge computing on ground, combining flexibility and agility while improving security

End-to-end security for newspace missions with ARCA Trusted OS

Protect your assets in orbit by using the ARCA Trusted OS end-to-end security products available off-the-shelf

Securing mission-critical applications on ground with ARCA Trusted OS

Protect your assets and your data by deploying your mission-critical applications like the Mission Control Software (MCS) on ground in a trusted execution environment

Cysat Event 2023

Cysat is organized by Cysec and it is the only European event entirely dedicated to cybersecurity for the space industry

CYSEC ARCA Space: End-to-end security for space assets and data

CYSEC ARCA gives you a full security solution, covering the edge and the back-end. It provides confidentiality and integrity of data collected at the edge, trust in application logic, and ensures attackers can’t use the edge to access your network.

ARCA is a trusted OS, designed to protect specific nodes up to end-to-end edge computing distributed architectures deployed from the core, the cloud and up to the edge. It benefits particularly companies looking to protect sensitive data and mission critical applications.


Access the best level of data and communication protection – no heavy investments needed


Get end-to-end ground and space protection, in one solution


Accessible, easy to deploy – no cybersecurity or cryptographic expertise required


Interoperable, modular, deployable with off-the-shelf hardware


With the entire edge ecosystem, including public cloud services

A certified hardware crypto engine

For straightforward key management & encryption service

Security Architecture Assessment & Design

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CYSEC ARCA secures the entire satellite communications ecosystem, covering both on-ground, and in-space environments. Both on-ground and in-space options deliver full-stack security – from the hardware, through to the kernel, and the application.

As a confidential computing environment, it enables you to collaborate securely in the cloud. Data is protected in all its states – at rest, in transit, and in use, enabling you to share data in untrusted environments and innovate new business models.

CYSEC ARCA, the on-ground element, is a hardware-based TEE that secures the mission control software (MCS), and its associated secrets. CYSEC ARCA is available as a lightweight appliance deployed on premise to secure workloads in
your private cloud, or accessed via CYSEC ARCA cloud, as a Confidential Container-as-a-Service (CCaaS).

CYSEC ARCA Embedded, is the on-board equivalent of CYSEC ARCA. It provides a root of trust (RoT) on the spacecraft to execute all security-sensitive operations and delivers the same degree of security as its on-ground counterpart.

Learn more about the CYSEC ARCA product

Security Architecture Assessment & Design

Security Labs

Get your existing or foreseen security architecture reviewed by CYSEC LAB’s security professionals, experienced in the complex requirements of ground and space systems.

The CYSEC team has rich experience in space systems and infrastructure. Our unique set of skills spans cryptography, embedded systems and security architecture – not only for space, but ground and cloud ecosystems as well.

Our experts identify your security architecture’s strengths and weaknesses related to cyber threats.

Following the assessment, the next step is to get a security architecture design, based on the threat model, risk analysis, and risk trade-off.

This design is highly customized, with the cryptographic tools, security mechanisms, and selected security technologies tailored to your unique on-ground and on-board requirements.


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