Securing mission control
on ground

Securing mission-critical applications on ground with ARCA Trusted OS .

Deploy your Mission Control Software (MCS) in ARCA on premise or in the cloud. ARCA Trusted OS is a secure Kubernetes platform deployed on a hardened Linux-based Operating System with a built-in cryptographic service and key management system.


CYSEC ARCA gives you a full security solution, covering the edge and the back-end. It provides confidentiality and integrity of data collected at the edge, trust in application logic, and ensures attackers can’t use the edge to access your network.

ARCA is a trusted OS, designed to protect specific nodes up to end-to-end edge computing distributed architectures deployed from the core, the cloud and up to the edge. It benefits particularly companies looking to protect sensitive data and mission critical applications.


EASY DEPLOYMENT & APP MANAGEMENT: Leverages all benefits from management of containerized applications based on a kubernetes orchestrator while keeping high isolation between applications and the host OS

SIMPLIFIED ACCESS TO CRYPTOGRAPHIC MATERIAL: Simplified access to state of-the-art cryptography primitives and functions and easy key lifecycle management via a modern and user-friendly API

DEPLOYMENT: On premise with the option to use a certified hardware security module (HSM) or in the public cloud where a private infrastructure can be deployed with secured confidential computing 






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