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Remove data security barriers and innovate faster

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A trusted OS for secure container environments that solves the challenge of securing data-in use, with full-stack protection of your sensitive data.

Confidential Computing protection at scale

Enterprises that need robust data security can move to the cloud and edge and innovate with confidence. ARCA is a hardware-based trusted execution environment that’s easy to deploy and use, and secures your sensitive data through its entire lifecycle. ARCA Trusted OS bridges the gap between confidential computing and scalable infrastructure.

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Key capabilities

ARCA Trusted OS protects the full stack – from hardware, to kernel, to application. It removes the pain from key management, while helping ensure your data maintains confidentiality and integrity, even when in use.

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Hardened OS for Increased Protection Against Software and Hardware Attacks

Full-disk encryption, read-only system images, and secure boot. Only trusted kernels and system images can boot on the ARCA Trusted OS.

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Secure Hardware Base to Protect Against Hardware Attacks

UEFI firmware used for secure boot and a TPM for decryption of system and data partitions.

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Secure Kubernetes

ARCA Trusted OS features minimal images, a hardened kernel, container sandboxing, and protection of the host OS kernel and OS files.

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Confidential Computing solution

Secure code execution through AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) enclave and ARM TrustZone enclave. Only authorized code can access your data – meaning it’s protected in use, at rest, in transit.

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Certified Key Management and Encryption

An accessible certified cryptographic service, which enables clients to easily manage keys and comply with regulations. It is also crypto agile, designed to integrate with most cryptographic back-ends.

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Deployment Models