Performance benchmark made within the SYNAPSE project

Some results of the SSA SYNAPSE project on the impact of the disk encryption on the performance of the business services


The impact that the security provided by ARCA Trusted OS, CYSEC’s hardened OS, can have is one of the points to be evaluated as part of the BPI SSA Synapse project. This collaborative project including Lookup Space and CYSEC aims to implement the secure platform which supports Lookup Space’s space safety solution. This solution is based on the collection and real-time processing of data collected by one or more sensor networks. The performance of such a solution depends on the performance of several services offered by the platform that supports it. The speed of reading and writing data stored on hard drives is one of these services that can degrade the performance of the space safety solution.

ARCA Trusted OS includes a disk encryption mechanism by default. Encryption is a technique that provides security at the potential cost of reducing read and write access speeds to disks. It is for this reason that a benchmarking of disk read/write performance was carried out between ARCA Trusted OS and a general purpose Linux distribution.

This benchmark was held on Google Cloud Platform. An ensemble of master and worker nodes was set up in various VMs, some with ARCA Trusted OS as guest OS, the others using the general purpose Linux OS. A k8s distribution from Thales is deployed in each node.

The write/read benchmark is built with OpenSearch. The tool Injector is used to index generated data. The test for performance evaluation in reading is composed of one scenario with 100 users reading data in parallel and a second scenario with 200 users.

As can be seen in the table below, the results of this benchmark shows similar writing/reading performance levels for ARCA Trusted OS compared to the ones of the general purpose OS whereas disk encryption is applied.