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A snapshot of the collaborative SYNAPSE project between CYSEC and Lookup Space. The contributor list to this project  includes Thales as subcontractor too. The aim of this project is to implement a platform for Space Safety and Security. CYSEC brings its expertise in cybersecurity to harden the platform.


Lookup Space is a French startup providing Space Safety and Security data & services. Their services are based on a dedicated, sovereign and secure solution including a sensor network and data processing capabilities. Lookup Space showcased the first version of its platform, called SYNAPSE, in Bremen at the Space Tech Expo Europe. This platform is a multi-source digital data fusion platform, which references over 56,000 orbital objects. Potential collisions between two objects, even as small as 10 cm, can be anticipated to protect the space assets in orbit. 


SYNAPSE is not just a platform, it is also a project. The SYNAPSE project is a collaborative project between Lookup Space and CYSEC that is partially funded by France 2030. Lookup Space is in charge of the design and implementation of the SYNAPSE platform, whereas CYSEC brings its cybersecurity expertise to harden the platform. Thales, as a subcontractor, is the third contributor to this collaborative project. It brings its expertise in Kubernetes distribution for big data to support Lookup Space services. 


The SYNAPSE project started in January 2023 and will last for 30 months. Within this time period, CYSEC will harden the heart of the system by fine tuning  its hardened Operating System hosting a Thales Kubernetes distribution, called KAST. Moreover, CYSEC will develop a solution of protection of data in-use based on Confidential Computing that can address two use-cases of the SYNAPSE project. These use-cases are not well defined presently, however one will be related to the topic of sovereign cloud and the second one to protection of Lookup Space Intellectual Property while deployed in untrusted third party infrastructure.