SwissPKI Now Available On CYSEC ARCA

LibC Technologies integrates SwissPKI, the Public Infrastructure Key Infrastructure, onto the CYSEC ARCA TEE, using Kubernetes

LAUSANNE, Switzerland. September 14th, 2020 – libC Technologies, provider of solutions and services in the areas of IT security and software development and CYSEC, the European leader in confidential computing, have combined their respective technology expertise to integrate SwissPKI TM, the Public Infrastructure Key Infrastructure, onto the ARCA secure execution environment, using Kubernetes.

Available on premises or as SaaS

The two companies now offer a unique SwissPKI™ Appliance solution. The SwissPKI™ is a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) which delivers robust hardware-based centralized key management backed up by strong cryptography to protect corporate business processes from cyberattacks. The SwissPKI™ solution is available on CYSEC’s ARCA secure execution environment platform either on premises with its ARCA Appliance or as a Service (SaaS) using supporting security technology infrastructure in a Swiss Tier 4 datacenter.

Operational, cost and security benefits

SwissPKI™ reduces operational overheads and costs for companies whilst increasing the security of their IT systems.

Using Kubernetes

libC Technologies and CYSEC developed this SwissPKI™ solution, using Kubernetes.

In the last few years, Kubernetes adoption has quickly accelerated, and enterprises are now in a phase of transition. There is increasing interest in the development of container-based applications with multiple developers launching competing solutions. Now that Kubernetes is the clear winner among the orchestration technologies, the number of organizations moving to the production phase is finally growing as well.

In most cases, Kubernetes infrastructures remain relatively small, and applications running on them are fairly simple. On the other hand, more and more significant applications are being migrated to these platforms, requiring additional resources and performance.

Hybrid cloud strategy adoption

Moreover, enterprises of all sizes are embracing hybrid cloud strategies that are becoming more complex and structured. We are quickly moving from a first adoption phase where data and applications are distributed manually and statically in different on-premise and cloud environments to a new paradigm in which data and application mobility is the key for flexibility and agility.

Marrying the Cloud and Kubernetes

Organizations now want the freedom to choose where applications and data should run dynamically, depending on several business, technical, and financial factors. They choose the public cloud for its flexibility and agility, while on-premise infrastructures are still a better option from efficiency, cost, and reliability perspectives. In this scenario, Kubernetes is instrumental in executing this vision, but it needs the right integration with infrastructure layers, such as security, to make it happen.

Marcel Suter, libC Technologies CEO adds, “By opting for the SwissPKI Appliance on ARCA, you choose peace of mind and security. The solution guarantees availability, the quality of the platform and keeps your data secure and confidential. The SwissPKI Appliance allows you to reduce operational costs, save time and lets you concentrate on your core business.”

Patrick Trinkler, CYSEC CEO adds, “At CYSEC we successfully integrated the Kubernetes stack into ARCA OS. We can now securely deploy any dockerized application on our infrastructure solution which has been demonstrated through SwissPKI. Following the successful collaboration with the excellent libC team, we are eager to on-board any client willing to use SwissPKI or deploying his own containerized application!”

About libC Technologies

libC Technologies SA is a leading provider of solutions and services in the areas of IT security and software development. The company’s security experience helps you to get the most from your current systems, control costs, improve performance and productivity, and reduce risks across your enterprise. The company’s personnel combine technical expertise with management and project management skills to lead to the success of complex projects. This combination of skills and experience is sought-after and forms the basis for the company’s sustainable expansion. libC Technologies SA has implemented first-class references and numerous strategic projects for the federal government and customers in the areas of finance, insurance, trade, industry and telecommunications. For more information, please visit


CYSEC is a cybersecurity company based at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, Switzerland, whose mission is to shorten the time-to-market of innovative services by facilitating their integration into a secured IT environment. By lowering down the barriers to protect data and code, CYSEC enables its customers to benefit from a whole new level of flexibility and agility which is a game-changer today considering the fast-pace at which security and business requirements evolve. For more information, please visit

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