ARCA SATLINK successfully tested in space

Breaking News! As part of a project for the European Space Agency – ESA our engineering team successfully tested our ARCA SATLINK product in space! This In-Orbit Demonstration will accelerate the adoption of end-to-end security for space missions

ARCA SATLINK is the first commercial implementation of the Space Data Link Security protocol (SDLS) defined by the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS). It provides satellite operators with all the cryptography required to secure satellite communications such as encryption, and authentication but also more advanced functions of key management and monitoring. 


CYSEC has leveraged its expertise in security and cryptography to develop ARCA SATLINK, a SW SDLS Cryptographic Library that includes the main security services and cryptographic operations needed to apply security to CCSDS TMTC frames. The ground version of this library was developed within the scope of a previous ESA GSTP project and is currently deployed and being tested by several space operators. The space component is at a less mature stage and needs to be space-validated before commercialization. 


The flight opportunity on the OPS-SAT was a great opportunity for CYSEC to: 

  • Validate the space component of ARCA Satlink;
  • Secure sensitive TMTC data;
  • Gain better commercial maturity with a successful in-orbit demonstration.


The OPS-SAT In-Orbit Demonstration has been a resounding success for the engineering team behind ARCA SATLINK. 


If you want to test ARCA SATLINK, please go to our free trial page or send an email to

About CYSEC 

CYSEC is a European data security company, based in Lausanne and Paris, providing a software solution in Confidential Computing, which enables companies to secure workloads on distributed infrastructures. The company provides a Trusted Execution Environment for containers and helps them to secure and deploy sensitive data on distributed architecture from Data center to the Cloud to the Edge.

CYSEC’s flagship solution «ARCA Trusted OS» is a hardened Linux-based operating system combined with a secure Kubernetes orchestrator providing a trusted runtime platform for containers.

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