Cloud Constellation Corporation partners with CYSEC

WASHINGTON, DC & LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, January 21st, 2020. The Offering Will Integrate Critical Enterprise Infrastructure With Space-Based Cloud Services

Cloud Constellation Corporation and CYSEC announced today they have entered into an agreement to develop and execute a joint go-to-market strategy that combines the capabilities of ARCA, The Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) by CYSEC and SpaceBelt™ Data Security as a Service (DSaaS).

Utilizing a constellation of ten satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO) Cloud Constellation’s SpaceBelt DSaaS is a patented, scalable, space-based cloud service for securing high-value, mission critical and highly sensitive data assets by providing data storage in space along with global, secure managed network services. SpaceBelt offers the strongest data breach risk mitigation with global isolation of a customer’s data from inherently vulnerable global terrestrial networks.

ARCA by CYSEC is the first Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) able to seamlessly integrate multiple applications while storing secrets in a physical Hardware Security Module (HSM). ARCA uniquely combines the advantages of well-proven security hardware with the flexibility required to quickly adapt to fast-changing business and security requirements. ARCA allows customers to deploy innovative services at a fraction of the time and the cost of existing solutions.

The integration of SpaceBelt DSaaS with the ARCA platform will enable enterprise customers to operate their business-critical applications on premises with the highest confidence in the security of their digital assets. Deployed at every enterprise customer location, the ARCA platform will connect directly to SpaceBelt DSaaS cloud services therefore providing a seamless, global private enterprise network and enterprise cloud infrastructure.

Patrick Trinkler, CEO of CYSEC commented: “We are delighted to make SpaceBelt DSaaS more easily and quickly accessible to enterprise customers willing to operate in Zero Trust and free themselves from the inherent risks of using terrestrial networks. We strongly believe in the success of our common value proposition.”

Dennis R. Gatens, chief commercial officer, Cloud Constellation Corporation, said: “ARCA is an innovative, next generation solution for the enterprise cloud infrastructure. When combined with SpaceBelt, we provide the strongest security possible for critical applications and strategic data assets for geo-dispersed organizations such as financial and government institutions.”

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Cloud Constellation Corporation is leading the cloud transformation of space with a patented, space-based global cloud infrastructure and service offering for commercial and government customers. Additional information is available at



CYSEC SA is a cybersecurity company based at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, Switzerland, whose family of Trusted Execution Environment servers helps companies securely launch innovative services at a fraction of the time and cost of existing solutions while benefiting from state-of-the-art security hardware. Additional information at


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