Happy Three Year Anniversary to CYSEC!


We founded CYSEC 3 years ago, on the 1st of June 2018, setting out to develop a solution for a problem faced by any modern IT infrastructure: how to secure data in use.

Our founding team, consisting of Patrick Trinkler and Yacine Felk, has over 20 years of combined experience in cybersecurity and quantum cryptography and founded CYSEC in 2018. The goal was to provide a simple and transparent solution that protects data during processing, enabling data security through full-stack protection.


Under the technical leadership of Alexandre Karlov, CTO of CYSEC, the brilliant cryptographers and engineers at CYSEC worked hard to design and build a Confidential Computing solution which came to be known as CYSEC ARCA.

CYSEC ARCA is a hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) designed for data-sensitive workloads that require high levels of protection and quality of service. This software-based solution is used for protecting containerized applications and workloads deployed on data center, in the cloud or in the edge environments.

On the business side, we quickly gained market traction, becoming the security partner of various players from multiple vertical markets. Today, CYSEC is partnering with leading companies in their respective fields. These include METACO and Algotrader for Digital Asset security for financial applications, GEOSATIS and Sysmosoft for business data protection. We felt honored to see this progress be awarded with numerous awards, including being named as a TOP100 Startup of Switzerland.

CYSEC founders

Our IP-driven approach has led us to collaborating closely with a range of leading cybersecurity research institutions. This research has resulted in innovative features being added to our solution and provided valuable entry-paths into new verticals and customer-segments. We were proud to see our research efforts be supported by multiple governmental entities, among them “Canton de Vaud”, SPEI, INNOSUISSE, EUREKA-EUROSTARS, the European Space Agency (ESA) and European Commission. Furthermore, we have joined and become an active member of the Confidential Computing Consortium, the leading industry body for the adoption of Confidential Computing solutions.

Since the founding days of the company, CYSEC remains based at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, although the team has grown to over 20 people. In the near future, CYSEC is looking to open new offices in Europe as we drive our expansion forward.

Space-generated data is essential in many consumer and professional applications and is essential in our daily lives. Our dependency on space-generated information increases the need for this data to be handled securely, in a robust, accurate, and efficient manner, while ensuring a European sovereignty over the data.

CYSEC board of Directors with Patrick Nicolet et Gonpo Tsering

Looking ahead

Enterprises are no longer monolithic, therefore the peripheric protection is not possible. Companies now need to focus on the protection of the high value data, more specifically the data in use. Confidential computing is a breakthrough technology that represents a real solution for this problem as it solves the problem of protecting highly sensitive data-in-use that is acutely vulnerable to attacks.

CYSEC is growing in tandem with this market, opening new offices in Europe in the coming months and launching our solution on the marketplaces of the big cloud providers. We are excited to offer our solution to an increasingly diverse pool of organizations and look forward to working closely to enable them to deploy their sensitive data.

A big thank you goes out to the incredibly talented team at CYSEC that has worked very hard to bring this solution to the market. Without all your contributions, this would not have been possible. While we celebrate our anniversary today, we are already focused on the future.

To many more years!

Patrick & Yacine

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