Cybersecurity for Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

More and more enterprises analyze and deploy blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) based solutions. Enabling the interconnection between network participants without depending on a central technology intermediary is seen as a key advantage for Enterprise Blockchain Solutions. However, with the new decentralized enterprise solutions, the cybersecurity management requirements are changing too.

Public and a private key are needed to utilize the digital assets. To prevent unauthorized transactions, validations or authentications, securing the private key is required. Several solutions are available and can be divided into three parts:

  • Software-based, through the extensively used Multi-signature (Multisig) and Multi-Party Computing (MPC) solutions
  • Hardware-based: Hardware Security Modules (HSM) are tampered resistant physical security solution to manage digital keys, widely used in financial services, designed to generate key pairs, and to compute cryptographic operations such as encryption and decryption, signature and verification, hash function and more. The HSM may operate a specific Operating System such as ARCA Trusted OS enabling it to protect the private keys, thus ensuring signatures may only be performed within the context of the execution of a transaction.
  • a combination of both.

Natacha Linard from CYSEC co-authored this new paper about Cybersecurity for Enterprise Blockchain Solutions together with the Enterprise Blockchain Working Group and Cybersecurity Working Group, part of the Crypto Valley Association.

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