Secure your Raspberry Pi for industrial grade usage with ARCA Trusted OS

Pursuing CYSEC’s mission to extend security further down to the edge on ARM hardware

To support their business, most companies are required to engage with their partners and customers outside of their traditional IT perimeter into the cloud or the edge. This creates an increase in operational complexity and cyberthreats.

A way to mitigate this complexity comes with the use of container logics that helps to scale up, deploy, update more easily. But going outside of the traditional IT perimeter means also to face different environments and different threats.

Let’s consider two typical but very different environments (in terms HW, operations, ownership, accessibility,…) that companies may use in the cloud or the edge: a virtual machine (VM) and a small edge gateway.

In terms of threat for VMs, you may risk being attacked by a malicious user of the same cloud through a potential cloud security breach. In the case of edge gateways deployed on the field, the risk of physical tampering or theft of your edge devices cannot be ignored

CYSEC’s mission is to help companies execute their containers seamlessly transparently from their data center, the cloud up to the edge with the same level of cybersecurity. ARCA Trusted OS, CYSEC core offering is a hardened Linux-based operating system combined with a secure Kubernetes orchestrator to contain attack propagation and avoid data compromission in your containers wherever they are executed. ARCA provides functions to simply and automatically protect keys, data & code at rest, in-transit and in-use.

In order to move further down to the edge, CYSEC is pleased to announce its new born ARCA Trusted OS for ARM specially developed for Raspberry Pi 4B. ARCA Trusted OS for ARM is a hardened Linux-based microdistribution for ARM architecture and designed to run containers on small footprint boards deployed at the edge. It includes only what is required to run containers and is designed to contain attack propagation and avoid data compromission.


Companies can now rely on a standard edge hardware typically used at the far edge such as Raspberry Pi 4B to expand their business smoothly from their traditional IT perimeter up to the far edge within enterprise grade security layers thanks to ARCA Trusted OS. Indeed, having ARCA Trusted OS deployable in data centers, clouds, on edge servers and now on edge gateways powered by Raspberry Pi 4B allow companies to run their IT business on an homogeneous and secure software infrastructure at a broader scale.


Such IT architecture see some concrete examples in the management of a fleet of drones that has to secure the data gathered on the spot and forwarded to the backend, in the use of medical devices to ensure the confidentiality of patient data, or in industrial automation where companies may let third parties deliver production optimization applications within their restricted production environment.


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