CYSEC featured on cybernews!

In order to enable remote working environments, most of our private data had to be stored in an online cloud. This was a game changer! But just as every cloud has a silver lining, it has some negative aspects as well – even if the data is encrypted, there is always a possibility of it being hacked. That’s why we created CYSEC!

We began our journey with a challenge: securing data-in-use. To achieve this, we created an environment where businesses can profit from state-of-the art data security in a transparent and cost-efficient way. Today we provide data security solutions through full-stack protection for fintech, satellite ecosystems, IoT and edge computing.

We created CYSEC to address fundamental challenges, related to present-day data protection challenges. Today we have splendid news! We were mentioned, by the experts of, as one of the best, when it comes to data protection solutions!

Therefore, we would like to thank the cybernews team, who help guide people with all the latest news. 

At an ample recourse center of CYSEC, you can look at case studies, find briefs, whitepapers, data and fact sheets. To deepen your knowledge and online safety, solutions from CYSEC, also contain such operating systems as:

  • ARCA trusted OS – allows large scale computing with complete confidentiality. It facilitates key management and encryption processes, and can be used at hardware, kernel and application-level.
  • CYSEC Laba security evaluation lab, that concentrates on penetration testing and security architecture assessment. It’s creators developed specialized, multi-featured test benches in order to detect, test and break hardware components for embedded systems. 

With over 20 years of experience, the founders of CYSEC built an advanced computing solution to create a safe and truthworthy environment for its users.