CYSEC selected to take part in ESA’s Business Incubation Programme

CYSEC has been selected to become part of the Swiss Business Incubation Centre of the European Space Agency (ESA BIC CH) which is dedicated to start-ups with a connection to space.

The programme offers financial support in form of a grant of up to EUR 200’000 as well as technical and business support over a period of 2 years.

The start-up based in Lausanne and Zurich currently offers cybersecurity solutions for the finance and Internet of Things (IoT) markets. Its flagship product is the ARCA ONE  platform, which provides a Highly-Secured Environment (HSE) where sensitive data can be stored and critical applications executed. Cysec has announced multiple strategic partnerships showcasing the numerous applications of the platform including storing safely crypto-assets within a Vault, securing digital signatures with Sysmosoft or connected objects such as Geosatis’ electronic bracelets.

Satellites play an increasingly important role in connecting people and objects, participating in the global network. The “NewSpace” trend is making space much more accessible thanks to the use of reusable launchers such as Space-X and the growing use of smaller satellites in constellations. These smaller satellites are particularly vulnerable as they are transmitting sensitive data but cannot afford advanced protection.

As a result, space is becoming the new playground for hackers and cybersecurity is the next big challenge for the industry. Examples include confidential Earth Observation imagery, sensitive IoT data related to critical infrastructures, navigation and positioning data, etc.

To address this opportunity, CYSEC has recruited Dr Mathieu Bailly to lead the development of a security platform addressing the specific needs of the space market: “There are thousands of small satellites planned for the next couple of years, most of them requiring advanced protection to prevent hackers accessing sensitive data or even taking control of the satellites. The risk for the industry is immense, and our goal is to be the first to offer a tailor-made solution using our ARCA ONE  platform proven technologies”

CYSEC aims to extend the “Chain of Trust” and get closer to its mission of protecting the world’s digital assets.

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