Sysmosoft SA & CYSEC SA announce strategic alliance

LAUSANNE, Switzerland – March 2019 – Cysec SA and Sysmosoft SA are pleased to announce their strategic alliance.

This partnership sets the foundation for the use of advanced cryptographic technologies in the secure deployment and operations of electronic signature solutions for the banking industry and beyond.

Sysmosoft delivers an electronic signature solution to digitize processes related to banking transactions. Sysmosoft’sproduct, marketed under the name of “Let’s Sign”, aims to increase the efficiency, compliance and security of standard processes such as wire transfer confirmations (callbacks), investment proposals compliant with European Financial Services Act (MiFID II /LSFin), customer on-boarding or any type of document requiring advanced or qualified electronic signatures. The qualified electronic signature is equivalent to the handwritten signature.

In relation to the electronic signature, the partnership with CYSEC, an expert in cryptography and hardware and software security, represents a great opportunity for both companies.

This collaboration will commercialize a “plug and play” solution which integrates multiple levels of electronic signature. The goal is to optimize costs and to offer financial institutions the ability to select the appropriate electronic signature level according to digitized transaction use case. The signature level can be defined in accordance with financial regulations and compliance requirements.

CYSEC offers best-in-class security solutions for dynamic data protection management through hardware and integrated security-critical business applications. CYSEC’s solution has the crypto-agility which will enable Sysmosoft to stay at the forefront of security while responding to the electronic signature’s evolving requirements in security-critical environments. Sysmosoft provides advanced features such as high availability and audit trail that are ready to use without further configuration.

Sysmosoft and CYSEC are Swiss high-tech companies, located in the canton of Vaud.  Both companies are innovating in the field of security and in close collaboration with the research institutes in the Lemanicregion.

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