i2CAT and CYSEC join forces to advance IoT security within COGNIFOG Project

Lausanne, May 16, 2024. i2CAT and CYSEC are thrilled to announce their collaboration within the Horizon Europe research project COGNIFOG

This partnership has enabled i2CAT to successfully deploy its cutting-edge IoT Edge Gateway on CYSEC’s ARCA Trusted OS (ARM) platform, powered by the lightweight Kubernetes (K3S) orchestrator. This milestone marks a significant advancement in IoT security and device interoperability.

The IoT Edge Gateway, developed by i2CAT, stands out with its modular multi-interface design. This physical platform is enhanced by Home Assistant software, which allows for flexible and transparent interaction across diverse IoT devices and technologies. With the integration of a MATTER controller, the gateway now supports seamless connectivity with MATTER-based devices over WiFi, promoting universal communication standards within local IoT ecosystems.

Enhancing the security of this setup, CYSEC’s ARCA Trusted OS (ARM), a Linux-based hardened Operating System, offers robust protection and isolation at the edge, using state-of-the-art confidential computing technologies such as ARM Trustzone and TPM-based secure boot. This creates a trustworthy environment for sensitive IoT operations, securing data against unauthorized access and tampering.

The successful collaboration between i2CAT and CYSEC has been made possible by funding from the Horizon Europe project COGNIFOG, highlighting the commitment of European initiatives to foster advancements in secure and interoperable IoT solutions. The insights and initial results from this project will soon be detailed in a comprehensive paper that both entities are co-authoring. 

Looking ahead, this partnership enhances the market visibility of both i2CAT and CYSEC by combining their technological strengths, thereby setting new standards in IoT security. Committed to building on this momentum, both organizations are eager to capitalize on their shared discoveries to further expand and refine the IoT landscape.


CYSEC is a European data security company, based in Lausanne and Toulouse, providing a software solution in Confidential Computing, which enables companies to secure workloads on distributed infrastructures. The company provides a Trusted Execution Environment for containers and helps them to secure and deploy sensitive data on critical architecture from Data center to the Cloud to the Edge.

CYSEC’s flagship solution, called «ARCA Trusted OS» is a hardened Linux-based operating system combined with a secure Kubernetes orchestrator providing a trusted runtime platform for containers. ARCA provides cryptographic functions, in order to protect keys, code and data, be it at rest, in transit and in use.


The i2CAT Foundation is a technological research center that leads R&D activities around advanced digital technologies and their architecture, applications, and services. i2CAT has dedicated more than 20 years to promoting the digital society of the future through the knowledge generated in projects and activities in 5G/6G, IoT, immersive and interactive technologies, cybersecurity, blockchain, artificial intelligence, space communications and digital social technologies. The center collaborates with companies, public administrations, academic institutions, and users to contribute to the definition and structuring of a universal digital innovation system. i2CAT is a CERCA center and is accredited by TECNIO.