CYSEC secures the smart heaters of Lancey Energy Storage

Lancey Energy Storage selected the SaaS model of CYSEC IoT cybersecurity solutions to protect its fleet of smart heaters.

The exponential development of billions of connected objects changes whole sections of economic sectors as well as our social interactions. This development can be a fantastic accelerator for different societal challenges like the energy transition, but it also brings major imperatives in terms of privacy and security of both personal data and infrastructure. In the field of domestic energy storage, Lancey has chosen to address proactively this topic.

Raphaël Meyer, CEO of Lancey says : “Our solutions of energy storage, like our smart heater with battery, embed numerous sensors, for instance to optimize self-consumption of renewables. This feature is of course very positive for both the environment and the end-user’s wallet, but it also requires to work very precautiously to protect personal data as well as the piloting of the devices. That is why we have decided to work with CYSEC to deploy our solutions worldwide, with what we consider an optimal security and privacy infrastructure.”

After a successful implementation of its trusted environment on the highly-regulated financial market, CYSEC is now expanding to IoT with a positioning encouraging the hybrid cloud model. In a hybrid cloud model companies continue to use public cloud providers but keep their sensitive data and applications in a separate trusted environment. Mathieu Bailly, VP IoT at CYSEC: “Today there are a lot of tools available from the big cloud providers to start connecting devices and collecting data at a very low cost. But for large-scale deployments the costs increase exponentially and raise concerns in terms of security and confidentiality. At CYSEC we provide the best of the two worlds by offering state-of-the-art security with the flexibility of deploying applications either on premises or As A Service from our datacenter in Switzerland. And we’re the only ones to propose a flat pricing allowing our customers to save a lot of money when they scale up.”

Among other products and services, Lancey Energy Storage developed the first electric heater integrating a lithium battery. This multi-patented architecture provides up to 50% bill economy compared to a traditional convector, with a very good comfort into the house. Lancey solutions aim to potentially turn any consumer into prosumer, through the development of micro-grids in self-consumption composed of local renewables capacities managed with divided storage capacities.

Lancey has already 800 installed units and announced its plans to deploy more than 100’000 smart heaters in the next five years using the recent 8 million Euro fundraising campaign backed up by ENGIE New Ventures and a leading heater manufacturer in North America.

CYSEC SA is a Swiss company based on the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, whose mission is to secure the deployment of innovative services at a fraction of the cost and the time of existing solutions. For the emerging market of IoT CYSEC offers a unique combination of a high-level of security achieved by using proven hardware with the flexibility of Software As A Service (SaaS).

The application used by Lancey to protect their smart heaters from cyber risks is available in free trial on the CYSEC website at

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