Key management and the public safety sector

Protecting Intellectual Property

CYSEC enables Geosatis to secure communications for IoT-based electronic monitoring products with software & hardware-based key management and encryption.



Public safety



Business Challenge

Get defense-in-depth IoT security for their products, with a software & hardware-based key management and encryption.


CYSEC ARCA appliance deployed on-premise and a custom CYSEC developed software deployed on top.


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GEOSATIS is a Swiss-based global leader in electronic monitoring and predictive analytics solutions. The company offers technology for the supervision of parolees, probationers and defendants. It works with criminal justice agencies to enhance public safety, improve offender rehabilitation, and reduce recidivism.


When GEOSATIS developed a new version of their IoT-based electronic monitoring product, they wanted to take their IoT security up a level with a defense-in-depth approach.


CYSEC provided a two-fold solution. The CYSEC ARCA Trusted OS appliance was deployed on-premise to secure containerized workloads. A custom-built software, developed by CYSEC and deployed on top of CYSEC ARCA, would facilitate straightforward key management of their IoT products.

CYSEC ARCA is used for the most sensitive parts of their products. The cryptographic API in ARCA is used to sign configuration files and firmware and to derive and generate keys for their IoT products.

Within a few months, the CYSEC ARCA lightweight appliance was deployed on-premise with the custom-built key management application deployed on top.


GEOSATIS uses CYSEC ARCA to keep their line of products fully functional and to secure end-to-end communication between IoT products (such as bracelets, chargers, unlockers, beacons) and the backend. With CYSEC’s solution, GEOSATIS can securely perform firmware updates and IoT device provisioning using front-edge IoT security and key management technology, protecting Geosatis IP.