About the webinar

Connecting your business to the world offers tremendous opportunities to better engage with your customers and develop new business models, but some questions arise.

  • How can you trust the other side ?
  • How do you protect your know-how and your sensitive data?
  • How do you  minimize the risk of data leaks, compliance breaches or cyberattacks?

This webinar will provide you with the most effective way to create a distributed architecture to protect your data at all stages and let you develop your business with your customers and partners in a trustful way for all parties.

Topics discussed

  • Business drivers towards distributed architecture
  • Confidential Computing with AMD-SEV 
  • Secured distributed architecture powered by Arca Trusted OS 

CYSEC and AMD are thrilled to collaborate and give the best inputs to shape the future of data protection’s industry.


 Luca Gabella

VP Of Sales Edge, CYSEC

Matthieu Legré

VP of Product, CYSEC

Jean-Claude Benard

Cloud Solution Sales, AMD