Webinar Run applications securely
About the webinar
When adopting a public cloud solution for the manipulation of sensitive data, trust concerns become paramount, e.g:
• Level of trust for Virtual Machine (VM) images provided by Cloud Service Provider
• Ensuring VM integrity and authenticity of system components across reboots
• Confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data while in use
• Protection of data at rest, i.e. when the VM is powered off.
Get a technical deep dive into understanding how ARCA Trusted OS leverages AMD-SEV security features utilized on Google Cloud Platform for confidential computing, for quick and easy workload deployments.
Topics include:
• AMD-SEV platform unique capabilities to isolate VM guests from the CSP hypervisor
• ARCA Trusted OS extended secure boot and full disk encryption features on a confidential VM
• Providing a trusted environment for Kubernetes stack
• Q&A session


Alexandre Karlov


Matthieu Legré

VP of Product, CYSEC

Patrick Masse

Cloud & DC Solutions Architect, AMD