Protect Your Critical Data – in All Its States

Protecting critical data in the cloud is a key challenge for data-driven businesses. CYSEC ARCA offers an answer – securing high-value data in all its states.

CYSEC ARCA opens the door to secure cloud adoption. Unlock the potential for business innovation that the cloud offers, knowing your critical data and IP are protected from manipulation or theft and that you are regulatory compliant.


CYSEC ARCA protects containerized workloads so you can use public cloud providers with confidence


CYSEC ARCA helps you comply with regulations, by securing data at rest, in transit and in use


Only trusted parties can access your sensitive data and code


CYSEC ARCA drives immediate RoI. It’s inexpensive, rapid to deploy, and easy to integrate and maintain


CYSEC ARCA enables you to comply with growing regulations governing data protection (OCI compliant)


CYSEC ARCA protects data at its weakest and most exploited state: in use

CYSEC ARCA is a trusted OS for secure container environments that solves the challenge of securing data in the cloud. The hardware-based TEE protects the full stack, is easy to deploy, and is accessed either via cloud service, a light appliance on-premise or in embedded architectures.

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CYSEC LAB provides services that allow CISOs to do their job. Hardware and software pentesting reveal vulnerabilities. Security architecture assessment and design helps build environments that are more resilient to threats.

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Case studies

Geosatis, IoT electronic monitoring

Geosatis used CYSEC ARCA to meet hardware security module and key management requirements for a new, more secure product line.

METACO, digital asset management, fintech

METACO deployed CYSEC ARCA trusted OS, to provide the secure hardware that would protect high-value client data on their SILO platform.