Secure your digital transformation

CYSEC ARCA removes the barrier to digital transformation with 360-degree security for high-value data

We believe security should never be a hurdle to digital transformation. CYSEC ARCA meets the needs of a modern enterprise with a trusted execution environment that supports a private cloud, public cloud, and a hybrid cloud model.

Deploy high-trust workloads in one environment, and workloads with lower data sensitivity in another – all within the same infrastructure. Our clusters support workloads of different trust levels and you can access them all at a click of a button.


Deploy your most sensitive data in CYSEC private cloud (Certified Tiers 3 and 4 data centers)


At the same time, you can deploy other workloads on premise, also protected by ARCA


CYSEC ARCA can also be deployed in Google Cloud Platform to secure less sensitive workloads


Certified solution to process sensitive data in all deployments, and in accordance with regulations


Access to data-in-use is blocked from unauthorized third-party


Access the benefit provided by cloud (AI, big data, ML) without extending trust to public cloud providers

CYSEC ARCA is a trusted OS for secure container environments. It opens up digital transformation by solving the challenge of securing data in use. It protects data across the full stack and works with private/public cloud, on-premise, and a hybrid cloud approach.

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CYSEC LAB provides a full suite of services to ensure architecture and environments that are resilient to threats. Services include hardware and software penetration testing, and security architecture assessment and design.

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Case studies

Geosatis, IoT electronic monitoring

Geosatis used CYSEC ARCA to meet hardware security module and key management requirements for a new, more secure product line.

METACO, digital asset management, fintech

METACO deployed CYSEC ARCA trusted OS, to provide the secure hardware that would protect high-value client data on their SILO platform.