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We help companies to enforce data security on distributed architectures (from the core, to the cloud, to the edge), in the space industry, fintech and edge computing.


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Discover how to protect your critical data

30 days to test ARCA Trusted OS

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ARCA Trusted OS

Arca Trusted OS is a hardened Linux-based operating system combined with a secure Kubernetes orchestrator to provide a trusted runtime platform for containers.

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Trusted partners:

Data in use is the point of least resistance for an attacker. If you deal with highly valuable data, this becomes a key barrier to cloud and edge adoption.

Close the security gap and benefit from everything that the cloud and the edge have to offer and start innovating new business models.


Protect highly sensitive data, code and intellectual property with ARCA Trusted OS, a hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). Ensure the continuity of digital security in all environments  –  in data centers with an appliance, in the private and in the public cloud with Google Cloud Platform, or in the edge.

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Expand your company’s digital capabilities

Protect Critical Data

Trusted data is critical for your organizational agility and ability to monetize data and insights into products and services as well as maintain compliance.

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Cabernet Security

Secure Digital Transformation

If you are an enterprise that deals with high-value data, data security will likely be a major blocker to your adoption of digital transformation strategies.

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Move Securely to Container Environments

Container technologies are becoming mainstream, but they are highly complex environments and security is not keeping pace – becoming a major barrier to adoption when sensitive data is involved.

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Evaluate Security Risks

Address the vulnerabilities in your architecture with an assessment from our labs at the EPFL Innovation Park.

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Safer data, better decisions

ARCA Trusted OS generates trusted logs and data with full-stack protection, from the hardware to the application, that you can use to support your business analytics AI. Data generation empowers your business, helping you build confidence with faster and better decisions.

Data Protection for every Industry

Digital Assets

A digital asset is anything that exists in a digital format and comes with the right to use.

Customer Data

Customer data refers to all personal, behavioral, and demographic data that is collected by marketing companies and departments from their customer base.

Patient Data

Patient data is medical information held about an individual patient, it include information relating to their past and current health or illness, their treatment history, lifestyle choices and genetic data.

Business Data

Business Data refers to all business information and data, including Personal Information that is collected, used, stored, shared, transferred, disclosed, destroyed, or otherwise processed by any of the Business Systems.

Remove the cybersecurity barriers enabling secure collaboration in the cloud and in the edge for sensitive data. Our cybersecurity experts address your challenge to protect data and code in use with a unique full-stack solution: ARCA Trusted Operating System.

The importance of data protection



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