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Certified Key Management & Encryption

Manage lifecycle of security keys with self-defending KMS

ARCA Trusted OS provides a unique, headache-free HSM-grade key management system (KMS) and encryption that can be used across multiple locations.

Cryptographic API enables you to manage the lifecycle of security keys with self-defending KMS. Use it to perform cryptographic operations, such as generating, storing, and using cryptographic keys.

Cryptographic Primitives Functionality

& secure distribution of crypto keys between physical nodes in the cluster

Certified Cryptographic Backend (Hardware or Software)

HSM enabled by an integrated third-party technology

Crypto Service Tampering Protection

Uses robust tech, e.g. RUST, to block API call forging & connection tapping


Software cryptographic backend, via gRPC protocol


containers can integrate using legacy cryptographic interfaces/native KMS gRPC interfaces (incl. JCE)


Includes post quantum cryptography algorithms

Case studies

Geosatis, IoT electronic monitoring

Geosatis used CYSEC ARCA to meet hardware security module and key management requirements for a new, more secure product line.

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METACO, digital asset management, fintech

METACO deployed CYSEC ARCA trusted OS, to provide the secure hardware that would protect high-value client data on their SILO platform.

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